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DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

It sounds quite good, especially at lower drive settings. I play it in front of tube amps, with gibson-like humbucker guitars. Sound reminds me a little of a Ibanez Tube Screamer, but it has more bass and less over-emphazise of the mids. All in all it is an ok sounding overdrive, no distortion, so the character is more soft than harsh, more vintage than n¿¿ metal, more low or medium gain than ultra high gain. It doesn't sound like tube overdrive, but it doesn't sound like a harsh transistor chain saw. It is not too compressed or muffled, but not really a dynamic idol. It sounds o.k. to push an overdriven tube amp a little harder, and it is usable in front of aclean amp, but it sounds better to kick a slightly overdriven tube amp. As said, sound is o.k., but it is not great, so 7 points. Low level of noise, no high gain distortion available (it is an overdrive, no distortion). All in all it sounds ok, but not really spectacular.


Built like a tank, very heavy and relaible. 10 of 10!

General Comments

It sounds decent, it is rather cheap (about 50 US$ in germany), it is very relaible, has a 2-band-EQ, so 8 of 10.

With a little better sound it could be the 11-points-hammer.

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