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Sound Quality

This is great low sounding bass, I play threw 50 watt Ampeg ,and it sounds great. Nice deep sound for walking line ,and tune up the tone and treble ,and you get a nice sound to slap with.headstock is a little heavy ,but I had a Thunderbird Epi that did the same thing.


You can play live with this axe , and it wil survive a good thrashing , sweet , the beer spills , and a couple of drops. I'm gonna put on locking straps but thats it. backup?? bass players don't need back up!! This is all you need.

General Comments

this is a simple bass, and i have had few ,(Playing since 83) some of my past basses were Fender 72 telecaster, japanese 75 Jazz reissue , Mex jazz. Music Man String Ray,

you can hold a bass line , do what you need to do for rock ,counrty ,blues ,metal ,pop, alt , what ever. This is not your wanna be alembic multi pup jam band fusion ,or 5 string goth black nu-metal job( a grand and up? you kidding me??). This is a machine for those who are mechanics in the art of rock . This is a tool ,like a hammer .Use it wisely my friends.

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