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Sound Quality

Does not over power by it self, it is about one octvave down.I play with a tele ,and an muti part esquire that I put humbucker SD Jazz pup in, and an LP Special. This Octvava is great with Big Muff in the front, Deep fuzz!!!,it also sings behind an Bad monkey OD,and a Dyna Comp. Works well with a wah (Dunlop Crybaby,and Morley Classic Wah) tracking is very good.I was able to play cords with Octava pedal ,something I could not do with the past two I owned(Boss OC-2,and MXR Blue Box) So if you find one of these in a pawn shop or on ebay pick it up, it is a good effect for coloring your sound ,plus they aren't made any more.You can get Hendrix "Band of Gypsies" era Oct sound as well as Tom Morello,s Rage & Audio Slave riffs.


Seems tuff o nuff for me, however the footswitch is alittle flimsy ( if you have a DOD effect from the 90's you know what I,m talking about) and it can be easly engaged with the slightest touch

General Comments

Its a good pedal to get if you can find it cheap (check ebay) has a good tone with other pedals ,but not over powering(not like a boss OC-3) a good mix with other pedals,I had an OC-2 and a Blue Box. The OC-2 broke,so I never got another ,and the Blue Box was cool with the fuzz ,but would not sustain well (tended to cut out with OD,or Distortion behind it) so I'll give it an 8 , I like it.

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