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Sound Quality

I play with Marshall JMC 800 lead combo 50 watt, Dunlop Crybaby,Digitech Bad Monkey OD,Dyna Comp MXR,Phase 90 MXR,Danoelectro BLT Slap Echo. Very quiet with no effects ,no extra noise.It is a very bassy sounding axe full sound.


The input is alittle lose ,but I tighten it before I play. You can play this bueaty live looks great! I would have a hard time breaking any hardware on this guitar.I would have an extra guitar for sting breakage ,but that can happen with any guitar.

General Comments

I have been playing for 20 years plus,and I have never had a simi archtop ,so what do I know? Well I,m never gonna be a jazzbo like Wes Montgomery,so its fine by my standards, I play late 60's rock (Hendrix,Led Zep,Stones,Velvet Underground,MC5) 70s rock(Sabbath,Bowie Mick Ronson era,)70s punk (NY Dolls,Stooges,Ramones,The Jam,Teleivision,Clash)Reagge (Bob Marley,Peter Tosh,Lee Scatch Perry)and Sonic Youth,Soundgarden,Frank Black, and the White Stripes,this guitar is great for all. I play a tele, an esquier tele (both for various differnt tele's)and a Les Paul Special w/ P90's.I really bought this guitar becuase it was cheap and looked cool,but it sounds great as well,so thats gotta be worth a 10!

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