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DigiTech Jimi Hendrix Experience Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

This has a great sound , I use a tele with SD strat pickups in neck and bridge ,LP special w/ P100's threw a Marshall JMC 800 Lead 50 watt combo. 1. Purple Haze - Good OD ,Fuzz with Octave is cool ,but may not be that useful to all 2. Wind Crys Mary - green forward ,and red lead are nice ,but nothing really radical or tone changing. 3- Foxy Lady ,Distortion forward ,and more Distortion sweeping back ,this is good for heavy riffs . 4-Little Wing , Forward an Back cool Flange! not metalic Boss type ethier!!. 5 -Watch Tower , acoustic simulater sounds like a clean signal threw a tin can with reverb(but you can find a tonal use for this) lead is cool fender amp tone ala Keith Richards, and wah with echo is cool, nice and clean. 6-Voodoo Chile , cool wah , (i think it gets intro good)lead is very good Big Muff ,sound (This is the heaviest ,and loudest effect) Wah with Distortion is good. 7- Star Spangled Banner/ Machcine Gun- excelent roto-vibe , as good as an actual Dunlope Roto-Vibe I tried in a store , lead is cool acid jam vibe. No hiss or extra hum, The reverb option on the unit is worth the price alone , great!!! ,and you can turn the dial down to get all the settings played dry Has the good Hendrix sound, but you can get Jimmy Page,David Gilmore ,Richie Blackmore ,SRV, and Keith. with Voodoo ,and Foxy settings ,you can get Tony Iomi, and a good Randy Rhoads sound. I play with a cry-baby so I can have wah with settings that don't have wah. Phase90 , Dyna Comp, and a delay , mixes up good with all of these pedals.


Its well built , but I would get a foot switch , I gig no problem , but I,m not getting a backup, I have had the pedal for 2 months and used everytime I play electric ,so far so good

General Comments

One revier before my put it best , you would put out alot of coin to go get all the effects in this pedal.I would buy other if lost or stolen.I like the design ,but switching from one setting to the next you get a drop out ,which is a drag.I choose this based on the fact all the tones are usable ,(I had a Whammy , but exchanged it for this pedal)

Over all its a cool tool for playing live ,or writing ,and creating your tone.One of the reasons I picked up this pedal was it was made with the help of Eddie Krammer, who aside from engineering most of Hendrix's albums, also did Zepplin's "House of the Holy/Physical Graffiti,and KISS's "Alive" so the man knows how to produce good tone!

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