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Squier CLASSIC VIBE Stratocaster 50s Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

This tele has the twang and the bite!! I play threw a marshall JMC 50 watt lead , and use a rocktron shorttimer to get slp back echo. Dirty or clean sounds great , will be swawping out pups. Neck is quiet , middle has twang and the bridge will kick it up a notch. I don't play with a distortion box , so when I switch to the bridge I have a great lead sound. If you are a fan of the plank you need to pick one of these up.


This a rock , great backup or road guitar, and its not that heavy.

General Comments

Buy this guitar if you need another tele, buy this guitar if you want to get a tele. It is not the beginners basic Squier tele, I have had 3 , whick I used for upgrades , and part swaps , and sold off online, or gave to friends. This guitar needs very little to make it pro worthy

Get one before their gone!!!!!!

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