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Danelectro DJ-3 BLT Slap Echo Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

Its a cool verb sound with both dials at 12 o clock ,and 3 o clock. Both Maxed gets alittle metalic sounding ,but others may find bthat cool. Not noisy while on or off. I use a 50 watt Marshall combo ,and 15 watt Behringer practice amp, sounds good with the 15 watter, and nice on the low (clean ) channel on the Marshall. With a Dyna Comp, I can get good Rockabilly,Conutry,and Twang, at the 12 o clock setting, smokey lounge lizard Jazz with the 3 o clock stting.with the amps or other OD , it can get lost in the mix , but I like either really clean, or crushing Fuzz.


Plastic , but Plastic is tuff, it will outlast human beings , and metal can rust, plus no paint to peel off!Would I gig with out a backup, I,m not buying another one , if it breaks , its in the trash. But it would take alot to break with your foot. Most people hate plastic on their effects, but the Dano's are the first ones I find this cool on.

General Comments

Good for Counrty ,Blues , Rockabilly, Jazz, or any Twangy guitar part.I love to play along to the Sun session Classics with this baby. If it were lost , I may get another one. But I would check out other verbs ,so I might get something else (just bought a Rocktron short timer on ebay)It does what it was made to do give you verb.

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