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Sound Quality

OK I got this wah 2 an half years ago , as a backup to my dying crybaby, I really did not like the sound and figured it was do to the Electro-Optical sencor circuit,well I was right .I lent it to my girlfriends newfew ,and when my crybabys PC board died I was wahless for a while. He never used the wah ,so I took it back,but still found it to be week sounding. I got a crybaby ,and was gonna ebay the CLW till I sent Bill Wenzloff at Morley an e-mail ,he sent me a great PDF doc showing differnt mods you can make to various Morley wahs. I was able to adjust the LED and sencor inside the unit ,and get a very good crybaby sound. The wah does sound less "whoosh" then a wah with a pod(Crybaby Dunlop,and Vox type) but you don't get any click when you ingage the switch.I A&B ed it next to a crybaby ,and played "Dazed and Confused " by Led Zeppelin and I got just as good sound from the CLW wah as I did with the Dunlope Crybaby.I use a Marshall JMC Lead 50 watt, Bad Monkey OD ,Big Muff,Dyna Comp ,Phase 90 , Dano BLT echo,and a Rocktron Short Timer Delay.You can get good wah tones with this,and if you have any probs e-mail Bill at demodude@hotmail.com,he'll help you with any questions.


This wahs design is great, built like a tank,and with the switch on the side ,less wear and tear(switchs on my old crybaby broke cuase I would bear down all my weight to engage the wah)Easy to replace switchs if they break, I would gig with out a backup.

General Comments

I play alot of Hendrix,Floyd,Zep, and the Stone's as far as classic wah rock goes,but I dig the funk of "Funkentelechy Vs. the Placebo Syndrome "by Parliment,and the Grateful Dead "Blues for Allah,and Terripin Station. Reagge Bob Marley & the Wailers ,Peter Tosh ,and Lee Scatch Perry.I love wah & it has to be one of my favorite effects.I would get another if lost ,stolen, or broke beyond repair,I think having an Optical Sencor wah is a plus to ones FX bag.

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