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Sound Quality

I play in a Rockabilly band ,and I play with echo and need twang!! I use a Marshall JMC 800 combo w/short time delay , comp, a wah ,and a phaser.I play clean so you I can hear the single coil hum , the body cavity needed sheilding I had to use tin foil after a nights practice as the hum was nails on a chalk board to me.Neck is bassy w/ balls ,middle switch nice mix , bridge pup not stronge but has a tele bite to it.Good for surf with the trem arm , great for rockabilly ,reagge, blues. I hate the frets way to high and not filed.Its tuff to get comfortable playing this guitar, I tweek it almost everytime I play,but for $130.00 thats not bad.


The guitar will last live , but I will only use it for a few songs, the hardware should last , finish is not going fall off anytime soon. Warning strap buttons will strip ,you will want to get longer skrews.Warning input cuts out , I have leaned over and got the ANNNNN, not cool if your playing live, had to open up the input and bend the prong.Gig with out a backup , way to risky I have had the guitar for 2 month and its not settled.

General Comments

Well I have a Douglas hollow body ES335 type, and an Agile strat , very good guitars for the money. I bought this for the shape ,look, and color.I do love the sound as I play with a telecaster and a gretsh 5120. Great for slide, hate the frets,, love the trem. I knew buying this I would replace some parts , but its not worth buying new pickups ,or a new neck.If it were stolen I wouldn't worry ,I have a really good picture of the guitar!Bottom line its a fun toy ,you can play it out , good for a project, and it looks hanging on the wall.

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