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Dave Z

Digital Music Corp GCX Guitar Audio Switcher

Sound Quality

While the GCX doesn't really have a sound it may be helpful to know how I am using it. I have 2 preamps a Digitech 2112 and Mesa Boogie Quad. I use the switch latching to control the Quad's channel selection. These works very well, allowing me to combine the channels anyway I desire...It was difficult to do that with the Quad's footswitch. I also use the midi control for the 2112 for patch switches...the 2112 is a little on the slow side, but it works fine with the GCX. I feed all of the outputs for these preamps into DMC System Mix Plus. All of these are controlled using the DMC Ground control with the latest firmware updates. I found that I can't live with out this in my rig now. The summed output from the System Mix are feed into a VHT 2502...there are lots of things in between that I use the Midi on the GCX to control as well..EQ's other effects, etc...


This thing is rock solid! Never have any problems with it. I rode it in the back of my truck(16 space rack) and was a little afraid that something would shake loose or get damaged...nothing went wrong though...I could probably take it 4 wheeling in my Bronco and it would still hold up.... ;-)

General Comments

I play rock, blues, fusion, whatever I feel like the rest of the time... It honestly doesn't matter what the style is...the GCX is worth its weight in Gold for any complex setup! Actually, the whole DMC rig is worth it in my book. I have been using this unit about a year now...if someone swipped it I would definately replace this unit.



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