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Sound Quality

At first I loved this pedal because of its rare "growl" that it has. Then I played on a Boss MT-2 Metal Zone and realized how crappy this pedal truly was. The highs are crap. Lows are good, though, and with this and the metal zone combined (in parallel) I can get a really neat sound. It is noisy as heck, though, so don't use it if you have noisy pickups. Always use a noise gate with it.


This is a studio only pedal. Not because of construction, but because of sound quality.

General Comments

This pedal works with OLD Metallica and Testament specifically. You do need some other pedal to get the highs with, though, and it must be run in parallel and you need a noise gate on it, even if just on this pedal itself. The only reason I keep this pedal around is for that rare "Growl" that it produces, but it is noisy and by itself sounds more like an angry bear in in the woods. Not a very flexible pedal, either. I would only get this pedal if it were cheap and you were looking for something different and had other pedals to work with and you really wanted to experiment. Otherwise, just get a Boss MT-2 Metal Zone.

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