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CreamWare Minimax ASB Authentic Sound Box Synthesizer

Sound Quality

Using this box is like discovering synthesis again. It sounds amazing! Pure, Dense, Wild, Warm, Raw,... Everything sounds weak compared to the Minimax ASB. It's really hard to believe that this unit is digital, the sounds that come out of it are so impressive. You can turn every knob like a mad man, the results will always be "musical" (no noise or aliasing). The oscillators have a wonderful structure, full of ernegy. This box has a huge dynamic range and seems to generate more frequencies than any other synths that I used. I don't know if it's a good emulation of the Minimoog, I never used one. And I don't care. The Minimax ASB is an excellent synthesizer on its own!


Too early to say. It seems reliable though (wood and metal structure).

General Comments

I really like the Minimax ASB. It's a stimulating machine. I'm using synthesizers since the late 80's (from Yamaha, Korg, Quasimidi, Access, E-mu, Roland, etc...). The Minimax ASB is without any doubt the most expressive. The sound quality is superior as well. It even looks better! I definitely recommend it!

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