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Sound Quality

I'm a Tele freak but I may temper that with a semi-solid thinline like a Washburn HB-35 or similar. That said, the amp very very good sounding. The overdrib=ve channel does not see much service with me as it is a bit harsher than I like although you can find sweet spots in there. I prefer to use my Vox V-810 Valve Tone for my overdrive sound. The amp is very controllable, much more so than my previous Hot Rod Deluxe (am I glad that's gone!). The sound is focused, sweet, and very bluesy. Think late night, wailing after hours, lonesome blues and you'll get the idea.


No problems ever with any Peavey product I've owned. Hartley's stuff is built like a tank!

General Comments

I've been playing for 37 years (Ouch,has it been that long?). This is the best sounding amp I've ever owned in that time. I had a Delta Blues 115 and like a durn fool, I sold it. Never again. This 210 is the sound and Lord help anyone that TRIES to steal it. I've owned fender, Guild, Gibson, MusicMan, Roland, etc. amps but I would be hard pressed to find anything in this (or any other) price range to compete with this amp. (Is a boutique amp REALLY $2000 better). Do yourself a favor. If you are into simple relaible great sounding amps (with Tremolo!!!!!) GET ONE NOW!

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