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Sound Quality

I was using a big fat peavy stack, and the distortion still sounded like a bad cable channel. The effects in general are weak. You can't get a very big variety of sounds, mostly because you can only have on 1 effect per pre-set. Get this unit if you want your tone to sound like it's been run through a cheese grater.


You can really depend on this product- TO CRAP OUT ON YOU AT THE WORST TIMES!!! I was merely jamming with a friend, on CARPET, no less, when the back panel came off when i pushed a foot switch. Ever since, when i play it on a hard, flat surface, it's tilts like a broken chair.

General Comments

I've played blues, rock, and metal, but unless you want to spend your money on something that is as cheap and useless as this, buy some gum or something.

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