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Sound Quality

I have used my AX1000 with a number of different setups. I purchaced the unit in the summer of 2000. I have run it through my peavy KB150 (yes it is a keyboard amp, but it is pretty valuable for jaming with buddies in the condo basement. Sounds good at low volumes, and has 3 imputs with seperate vol and eq's it was a good $100 envestment)I have run it in front of my Marshall JCM 900 100 watt half stack, and I am working on a rack setup using a ADA MP1 and a solid state Carvin power amp. I want to see how it sounds through the MP1 effects loop. The Korg has sounded great through my Marshall and the practice amp. Very little noise. I have jacked up my marshall somewhere in the 8's on the clean channel and used the korg's solid state distortion to get kind of a Dimebag or 90s Death Metal sound and the Rig wasn't noisy at all. The heavy metal dist is somewhere between with a dod american metal and a boss Metal Zone. It's all how you have it set. I've owned both of those pedals and that is my opinion of the sound. Some of the effects are not the greatest sounding versions that I have ever heard. The korg is not going to replace a vintage crybaby wah or a digitec wammy pedal. But for $300 new it is great for a player who wants the effects but cant afford them all. ( that includes prob. 90% of us.) I did notice that the unit did effect the sound of other pedals tht are run in line with it even when on bypass mode. I would not reccoment using this pedal with other pedals in the loop. It really cuts the signal down. That is one reason I am toying with putting it in the effects loop and only using it for delay,chorus ect. One thing i almost forgot, the AX100G is a great tool for practicing through headphones! It's headphone sound is a 20! If any of you guys have girlfriens that hate your music and ask you if you know any "Faster Pussycat" tunes. The Korg is a super tool for practicing with headphones.


I feel that the unit is reliable it has a solid construction. I wouldn't drop it down stairs, but you get the picture.

General Comments

Overall the pedal is a 8 it's a lot of pedal for the money. I've ben playing for 12 years and have used a lot of gear




The pedals are pretty bad

A: Very small about have the size of a dod pedal. pretty tough to hit.

B: Major gap in the sound when you swich effects ie: going form clean to distortion You have to hear it to know what i'm saying

C: THE BIGGEST PROBLEM WITH THIS UNIT in order to bypass the unit you have to press the pedal that you are currently using and wait for about 2 seconds then it bypasses. Next time you play your favorite song where the song goes form heavy to clean and you want to use one of your other effects for the clean Imagine having to press and hold the distortion pedal, and in 2 seconds the distortion turns off by its self. It is not easy to time.


Now this is not a problem if you set up a patch on the same bank for your clean sound. But if you want to use other effects processers for other sounds the bypass is bad. I would have liked korg to set up the pedal different. It would be nice to just click the pedal a second time to enable the bypass. Or to be able to set the wah pedal to control the level of the pedals mix. That would be a great feature!


I wasn't sure where to put that part but it is a very annoying feature and i needed to list it

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