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Digital Music Corp GCX Guitar Audio Switcher

Sound Quality

after all was said and done I didn't notice a huge difference in my tone. My idea was to get all these pedals out of series and put them in the loop for ease of use and better tone. (I had a growing # of pedals connected in a pedal board and thought the tone would be better if I could bypass them when they were not being used) This is the whole reason to get this unit. But like I say, it wasn't a huge difference. My Soldano SLO-100 sounded pretty much the same with all the pedals in line or in the loop. Wasn't a huge differance even though everyone will tell you so.


The main thing I wanted to tell everyone was that be prepared to spend loads of $$$ on cables. I figured I would be already set-up as I already had cables to connect the effects. Well I put the GCX in a rack and put the pedals in a 2 space shelf right underneath the GCX. This meant longer cables to reach the pedals. anywhere from 1 to 3 foot cables. This turned out to be a very costly expense as cables are expensive. And you really don't want to skimp, do you..... You'll need 2 cables per pedal and more for rack effects. Also be prepared to send the unit to the factory for the stereo mod. Using two loops (4 cable plug ins) for a "stereo" effect doesn't really do the trick as I had hoped. (for a short cut anyways until I could afford the time and $$$ to send the unit to the factory) It'd be nice if they had this option available when you bought the unit. I guess the price would be too high, so they just don't mention it. The shelve with all the pedals was a laughable mess by the way. Cables everywhere and the pedals were almost impossible to reach and mess around with. I had grounding loop probs with a few pedals. That gets unfriendly when you have almost 20 cables going everywhere. Especially on the gig! Turns out a TC Electronics Chorus /Flange pedal needed a mod in the pedal itself (words from the pres of DMC himself) in order to use that pedal in the loop. It was nice to have everything set-up in the pedal rack though. You are able to hit a patch from your midi pedal board and turn on any combination of pedal/effects/ loops patched in. It was also nice to switch amp channels with the unit also....all with one touch of a patch/button.

General Comments

What do you do when your at this stage of the effect game? One option would be to use less pedals! I now just leave some of the junk at home as I spend too much time looking at the pedals and thinking how I can add this or that to this part of the song. Need to get my eyes on the audience rather than the floor/pedal board!!

Overall this unit works good after you get it set-up.

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