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Sound Quality

I'm using a Randall G3 head with a Randall cabinet, and some pedals, like boss delay, chorus and a crybaby. My main distortion sound is from the amp itself. I wanted a bit more modern tone than my Gibson could give me. I think the Pu-s are perfectly balanced exspecially the 81. The 85 in my opinion is a bit bassy and a little dark, but I think it has a great sound, perfect for crying leads, and it doesn't relly kill the les paul type of lead sound, I think it actually enlarges it. I play some punkish flavoured metal and it suits me perfectly. If you want a pu with lots of crystal clean distortion, and no mud messing around in lower frequencies then this is a perfect choice. I'm only giving it a 9 because I don't believe that there is a 10.


General Comments

I would definately buy it again if I needed to. I've been playing for 6 years now, in several bands each of different genre, and had a few types of guitars and amps, from a 79' Fender and JCM800 marshall to Gibson and Peavey Triple X. I've basically "tasted" many sounds, and the Emg's have by far the best overall sound compared to the other humbuckers I've used. You might not like it if you're a really oldschool tone junkie, but if you like rock music than you can't go wrong with it.

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