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Sound Quality

I've used single coil and hbs. tube and solid state. It's not noisy, noise reduction very good with no tone alteration. effects are not weak and some are pro quality. acoustic weak, od great, distortions=some so so some great. I get the "american woman" with the big muff; seattle, metal, the "traveler" sucks, talk wah is ok. the wah responds different good/fair with what other effect it is working with.


I have used it on gigs without back ups. I have a program list nearby to keep up with the large quantity of programs. It is dependable;quick adjustments on stage are easy after becomeing familiar with it.

General Comments

from do wop to Zakk Wylde to country to gospel this unit is usuable for it all. The fact that it doesnt instantly respond when pressing the black stomp switches are a little tricky. I probably would replace it if lost etc; I've used it direct recording, it responds beter in some ways as compared to in fromt of an amp. An under rated


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