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Sound Quality

When i used this pedal (I now have a peavey ultra plus half stack that I only use a guitar and a wah-wah and some cable with it, no need for pedals...all tube, sweet super high gain distortion on board) I was using a Yamaha 1x12 combo kooked up to a 4x12 cab, and the setup basically kicked ass, mainlu beacause the amp had a parametric EQ section so the amp's sound could be tweaked to no end, so i could make it sound good, ive tried the pedal through normal amps, and frankly, i think it sounds alot like a horse taking a shit and getting shot in the ass at same time, the only way i got good sound with it was with a parametric EQ...with that setup, it rocked.....heaviest thing ever known to man, so unless you have an amp with parametric EQ or a rackeffect with para. EQ, it aint gonna sound too good, but mabye it just seems that way because now im used to all tube smooth wonderful creamy high gain, i dunno.....for the price you just cant beat it i must say.


No, the damn volume pedal shit out on me after a year or so..i dont use it anymore.... when the volume pedal worked, i never had any problems at all...so ill give it a 6.

General Comments

i play metal, and this was good until i realized that solid state amps blow....so i got me a peavey ultra plus and havent used this pedal since. ive been playing for 6 years, and i own alotta effects, 3 guitars..(Ibanez RG, Gibson Explorer, and a fender acoustic) and a peavey ultra plus halfstack. If this were stolen i dont really know what id do, probably buy something else to tell the truth.

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