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Sound Quality

I've read reviews on here about it sucking tone, not sounding to good, not having too good a sweep etc... i tried before i bought and compared it to the Zakk Wylde Signature and a couple of Morleys (bad Horsie 2, Power Wah and the Tremonti). It was by far the best sounding pedal. Ideally, if you're looking for kit, try before you buy! I run a Washburn Dimebag signature with a dimebucker through the crybaby before a Boss Noisegate and into a Randall RH100. The gain is always cranked right up, plenty of treble, lots of bass with the mids scooped. I was told the CB sounded awesome on stage by people in the audience, and they're the one's that matter.


Seems pretty dependable on the whole. Battery door is a little fragile though. Mine was broken in the box. Should have checked before i left the store really. Being an "old fashioned" pot instead of an optical wah, it will be liable to wear. It comes with 12 months warranty and i've heard rumours that dunlop guarantee 13,000 rotations of the pot before it fails. A new one will set you back ¿¿30 GBP. It seems harsh, but for the cheap plastic (broken) batery door it loses 2 points!

General Comments

Sometimes original IS best. It's not perfect though. What really annoys me about effects pedals is the lack of a power supply. When you buy a games console, you'd be mighty peeved if you had to buy a PSU seperately! Why do i have to spend a third of the value of the pedal again if i want to avoid relying on batteries for my Wah (or other effect)? 8 out of 10... out of principle!

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