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DOD FX55 Supra Distortion Pedal

Sound Quality

I'm using a vintage Fender Musicmaster or my Gibbo Les Paul Junior into a Marshall valve combo. Right, something needs to be said here...any pedal's sound depends on the quality of the rest of your gear. The reason i say this is this pedal get's slagged off a lot by people probably using encore strat's into rocktek 8w practice amps, lol, this pedal has some good sounds, it's decent distortion and i'd have it over a DS-1 anyday. It's not noisy but the volume is fair, you can get good punk/classic rock sounds out of it and it can border onto fuzz a little as well.


Not had any problems but that loose battery cover will inevitably get lost.

General Comments

I play indie/punk/rock, this pedal can deliver some of that mix, i've been playing 16 yrs and have owned a shedfull of gear/pedals.

If it got knicked i'd buy another because they're soooooo cheap.

For what it is it's a good pedal, don't expect boutique sounds out of a $20 pedal, use decent gear and you'll be happy with it.

I think it's a good "first distortion" pedal to own and good for a punk/classic rock band on a tight budget.

I'd like to say mine is the FX55-B model with the boost feature, i don't know how much it differs from the newer models.

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