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Sound Quality

Using the Fender "P" bass Mike Dirnk 51 replica but also owned Gibson Les Paul and Fender "P" bass. Amp has super lows and a blasting punch. For such a compact combo gets the job done. I gig with the brother-in-law in South LA (who toured 3 times with the USO and opened for the "big ones" in the 80's). He and I are sold on the lows and pop when slapping. Play mainly rock and now floating into progressive jazz and fussion. O.K....we tend to slip into the Led Zep sound.


So far so good. Almost 2 years now and no problems (take into consideration that I just play and practice in homme about 2-3 times a week and jam with the pro 4-6 times a year). So far so good...

General Comments

I bought this amp based on my brother-in-laws vast knowledge of gear (in general). Got it home and never looked back. I have been playing bass as long as I have owned this amp. I have gone through 3 bass guitars, but have not traded or sold this amp. I've got the right amp, just need the right bass. Been playing guitar, off and on, for over 40 years. I'm a wanta to be rock-n-roller but really know the sound I'm lookin for (a little ZZ with Led). This amp delivers the sound, I just need the wright axe.

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