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Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

Sound is what ever you want it to be. Reverb and chorus allow you to do just about anything and coupled with the amp models you find yourself fiddling around just to see how many sounds are in that box. Honestly, I hadn't heard of an "amp modeling" type of amp until my brother-in-law explained it to me. Not having a standard guitar amp for 20 years (just got the Ampeg bass amp last year)I was out of the market and wanted a good amp for a descent price. Kowing this amp has been upgraded to the VT and XL models offering 2 - 3x's the amp modeling presets, price drove me to search for a AD50VT which fills my sound needs above expectations. I did play the VT50 and it does offer more amp modeling pre-sets but the AD50 will get you there or close to it by just experimenting. Good cleans and as much distortion as you'll ever need or want (at least for this old guy).


Have only owned the amp for a couple of months....all is O.K. for now.

General Comments

I have been playing for over 30 years (mostly acoustic) and have owned a 66 Tele, Ovations, Hagstroms(68 original) and curretnly have a Samic (Les Paul and looking for more Samics and Agile Tele), Ovation XL Legend 12-string, playing a Epiphone Les Paul Bass through an Ampeg 115HP and also have a Yamaha YPG-625 88 key for just messing qround. After playing through a Crate, Line-6, and a variety of other modeling amps I decided to buy the AD50VT (price at Best Buy was a huge factor). So far so good. I am reading the manual each time playing. Be surprised how much it helps in tweeking for the sound you want. Has a slight fan noice but nothing that drives me nuts. The 11 amp models are great plus the effects you get more than enough variations. I am a wannabe rocker at heart and mainly jam with friends and a brother-in-law who played professionally back in the 80"s and currenlty owns original Les Pauls,Strats, Martins, Taylors and plays through a 25 year old Mesa 10" - 30 watt. So far he likes the amp as well.

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