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Sound Quality

sounds good to me! warm, deep sound on the neck and middle pickup, crunchy on the 3rd pickup. I also would love to try the eastwood vintage singlecoils to hear the difference. But in general, I prefer the humbucker sound to singlecoils. I just don't really understand why they sell those vintage pickups that are supposed to sound like the old valco as an upgrade package. why not just put them on there to begin with, if it's a replica they were trying to make.


it looks really well made and classy. no flaws at all. It seems made to last. only had it for 6 weeks thow.


General Comments

I'm glad I bought this guitar, even thow I already had 2 electrics. This one is my favourite right now. I had the chance to meet Joey Burns from Calexico after a concert and talk to him about guitars. He has a Valco Airline from 1962 but also an Eastwood (he said they're a very nice company), which they sent him for free. He said it does not sound like the old Valco because of different pickups but it's a very good guitar. I agree. As far as playability, it's probably much better than the old fiberglass Valco. I just read a review here on harmony central about one of those. Not too good... Makes me even happier to own an Eastwood instead :-)

Reviewer's Background

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