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Fender Cyber-Deluxe 112 Combo

Sound Quality

For the most part I play Teles, Strats, Les Pauls, and PRS through this amp. The sound is generally excellent; among the best I've gotten from any amp. Based on my trials of other modeling amps, the Cyber Series delivers the best Fender amp sounds on the market. This is the only amp that can produce a bona fide Twin Reverb sound, spring reverb and all. The Vox sounds are also very useful. I don't use the ultra-overdriven Marshall or Rectifier sounds. As always, the tube vs. "solid state" issue comes up. Years ago I concluded that in a mix or on a bandstand, a modern modeling amp just fine. If I was doing solo guitar instrumentals, that might be different but in the real world I find the flexibility and features of a modeling amp to be a better fit than the single "perfect" sound of a good tube amp. One complaint: most of the patches sound best with some compression but there is not enough flexibility in controlling the compression. The lowest setting applies more compression than necessary. The four available settings range from too much to more than too much.There needs to be some way to edit this variable. I attempted to use an external compressor instead (after disabling the internal one), and I couldn't get the same overall quality of sound. So the built-in compressor is doing something good for the sound, but too much of it. For this reason, I'm dropping the score to an 8.


This is a studio amp that doesn't get beat around or thrown in the trunk for gigs. So no experience with "reliability" or customer support. I suspect its particle board construction is not the equal of the old plywood Fenders. Good news is, it comes with a slipcover, which should protect it from everyday bruises and dents.


General Comments

I've been playing since the age of dinosaurs, though unfortunately my chops don't sound that way. This amp was bought for my recording studio and is doing just what it's supposed to. The Direct output is useful--I compared it with various mic combinations and though it wasn't the best, it was on par with a mic that's been touted as a purpose-built guitar amp mic.

Reviewer's Background

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