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Sound Quality

The eq sounded great, it really does the job it's supposed to do. However, it doesn't suit my needs. I bought it to see if it could either clear up a couple of problems that i had with my pickups in the clean channel, and actually it did, however, i think i better spend the money on the pickup than i'm missing. On the other hand, with the distortion, i guess you really cannot make the emg-randall configuration any heavier. On the other hand, when i tried it trough my friends amp, it did it for him, great tone and stuff, though he's broke so he can't buy it :(. So i decided that i would just so let this guy go. By the way my gear is an Ibanez S series with dual actives emgs and a disconnected stock single coil [still looking for a pristine clean active single coil that someone may wanna sell :)]. I'm running the guitar through my Randall Rh200 >>crybaby 535q>> and the ge-7>> to the guitar. If you are interested in buying a used ge 7 for $50 shipping included mail me.


Boss stomp boxes are virtually armored tanks, Incredible stuff!

General Comments

I play heavy metal, some blues and some classic rock, and i guess i'm happy with the setup i have. The ge 7 does the job and i recomend it to anybody looking to improve or alter their sound. It works, i tell u from the big impression i got when i saw it working under different conditions. However, in my case it didn't do it. If anyone is interested un buying one mail me up!

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