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Ibanez Gio GSR206 6-String Bass Guitar

Sound Quality

It was really versatile, and I needed that. It suited my every move, since I play almost everything. From Green Day to jazz comping it sounds great. The only quirk was the wimpiness of the tone when I dropped D or Eflat-C#, or tuned to Eflat tuning. I used primarily a Crate GA-15R with an occasional fuzz and/or reverb. It was never that noisy, the only real hum was from the crappy amps and cords I was using. The sound was rich and full in standard tuning. The neck pickup could go rather dark and muddy, to a good degree, and the bridge pickup has snarl and bite aplenty. It can be mellow or rip your head off.


Yes, I used it for about 3 months of live situations(I'm not even in high school yet:))meaning playing to family and friends. I've only had about 10 major gigs as of now. The hardware wore with general use, not live playing. The glop top will stand up to everything except a 4ft or higher drop. The strap buttons are super solid and I never have had a problem w/ it. I had to depend on it as it was all I had for 2 yrs.

General Comments

I would get it again, since I gave it to a 7yrold down the street for lessons. Though I would replace the bridge and Tuners. It's more versatile than a Squier( of which I have)strat, as it can get real dark

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