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Sound Quality

oh my goodness does this thing sound unique. this is a pedal for people who don't like crybabys. real pure but not in the boring way like morleys. like a non-boring crazy magical morley. if you've heard people do really cool trippy stuff with wahs and envelope filters, but could never get anything cool like that to happen with a crybaby, it will hapen with this pedal. it will get all crazy resonant and flip inside out and it's really nice. if you want expression but don't want to sound like anyone else. sound alot like a wah I made out of an old volume pedal that would overdive a little op-amp circuit, but nicer warmer sound, very pure and profesional. it's volume feature seems like it sucks volume and is worthless.


I got it broken and it took me literaly years before I got it working. I could never figure it out untill I finnally found a bad solder joint on the side sensor board deal. that other guy was right, it does work via veriable capacitence and therefore has no pot to wear out and no pot noise. however, there is a few thigs that can go wrong with the circit on the side. if it won't wah, re-solder all the stuff on the board, some parts can be sushed loose, and don't bolt it in too tight or the nut will make contact with the sensor tracing deal and stop the wah again. the case is sturdy enough that I can't imagine it breaking like it was when I got it, but don't expect it to wah or volume or control with perfect accuracy, you can push it all the way forward and wiggle your foot and it will wah a little that way. this isn't bad, it's a characteristic of the sensitivity of the variable-capacitence method of control, which by all I know about elctronics should be way more noisy and tempermental, I truly think it's almost magical that dod managed to tame this technique and get it to behave at all, let alone as well as it does.

General Comments

man have I been looking for a wah that has this sound. it's not like any other wah except for a friend of mine's morley that sounds less boring then they usually do, and this beats that piece. nothing like a crybaby, but that's what everyone uses and that's boring too. this thing will really make people's jaws drop at a show, you can make it sound so trippy, you can get sweet resonant warbles like a crazy envelope filter, or get a trebly lo-fi crunch, or, use it like a normal wah and get everyone at the show to go "whoa what the heck kind of pedal is he using?" but in a good way. I had to build a wah to get this sound, but it died, and this is better anyhow. the people that don't like this sound need a good VOX wah, this is for crazy stuff. I don't trust how well I fixed it though, and it is breakable, and it's not perfectly accurate, like it may not stay the same all the time, but you can adjust it to do whatever you want toneally. it's made of magic and I barely get how it works at all, let alone as well as it does.

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