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Gibson Alex Lifeson ES-355 Semi Hollow Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

I play all different kinds of pop and rock and this guitar is going to have a hard time leaving my hands. My PRS will be seeing less duty than before. Even my main Les Paul will be a little lonelier. If you want that early 70's rock out tone, this is the bomb. If you want lounge Jazz just Dial that Varitone to position 2 with your bridge pickup and you're all set. Shimmering strumming is position 5 and middle pickup switch position. The possibilities are endless. If you are a Rush fan, playing Passage to Bankock is downright scary as you realize that you have THAT tone now with this guitar.


This guitar will gig only with care. This is not a cheap guitar and is a collector's item, so playing gigs with it will be a scary experience. I am rating this a 8 only because its durability is only as much as any other semi-hollow body guitar, and the White paint and gold hardware will show any imperfections immediately. I don't anticipate problems with the electronics. So far so good.


General Comments

I own 2 Les Pauls, a PRS Custom, and a crappy 1989 Strat, along with a Takamine acoustic. This Lifeson ES-355 is easily my most versatile guitar now and the only strike against it is it may be too precious to gig with in a rock show. This is not a cheap guitar but rates a 9 for the features and sound you get for the price. If I were able to score one of these at 1/2 price, then it would a 10!

Reviewer's Background

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