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Sound Quality

Rich and warm, wonderfull bass and definition. Very close to a Martin HD-28. LOUD, very expressive. I even use this dread for fingerpicking and it records so well. Im frequently asked by people "What model Martin did you use on that recording!" The overtones are wonderful and loud, chords ring forever, sustain is excellent.


Ive used this guitar live, and in the studio. Its never let me down. Never even broke a string. I even use it with a removable soundhole pup and it sounds great. No flaws in finish, very durable poly. Id use it without a backup but take my Blueridge BR-40 just in case.

General Comments

Best guitar under 1.5K PERIOD! I got mine cheap and its the most underrated guitar out there. Hands down my favorite guitar. This stomps the economy Martins and Parkwoods, even Recording Kings.

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