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Fender Strat Pak with Frontman 15G Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

Well, i've only really played it through my little 10 watt amp which probably does not do it full justice, the amp is very noisy when you turn it up above 7. For my kind of music (punk, heavy metal) the single coil pickups are fairly inadequate and i'm hoping to get an ibanez with some humbuckers. I cannot get really meaty distortion as i would like but that is to be expected. The clean tone can only be described as crap....its really tinny and hollow, not rich at all.


I would never ever play this guitar for a gig...it would definitely be a backup guitar for when i get an Ibanez or Jackson. The guitar itself seems solid, however, its the equipment i was very disappointed with. The lead that came free stopped working after about 2 weeks. A friend of mine who also got the same guitar had the same problem only his lead last only a couple of days! The strap folded where it joins the guitar and as a result keeps falling off. The strap buttons seem pretty solid though.


General Comments

I've been playing a few months and already have a band with aspirations to gig and I'm certain I won't be playing this guitar if we do get one. If it was stolen I would not replace it as i want a ibanez rg guitar. It has served me will and i think it will continue to do so for i while yet. I recommend this guitar to anyone wanting to get started playing the guitar as this is much better quality than other fender copies or beginner guitars.

Reviewer's Background

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