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Boss ME-6 Guitar Multi-Effects

Sound Quality

Sound quality is okej. I use i transistor top Vs 100 Marshall. It¿¿s little noice but you can put the treeshhold on 4. then it¿¿s okej. You must realy make some offer in time to find good sounds. I have done it in 12 years. Now I have it. One distorsion is good and flanger and delay. Of course is Equliser good to make the sound higher on other stomp pedal trouth the ME6.


Yes it¿¿s okej. I have 2 more ME 6 just incase it will brake down. So useful is it.

General Comments

I play covers in ballad rock and Iron Maiden and that stuff. I have a pedalboard with: Tu2 CS2 AC2 Ubermetal Line6 SD2 and a ME6. Love it because it¿¿s so easy to use and I use ME6 delay chorus reverb flanger volume high solo to my stomppedals. My friend have problem to make a booster trough his Marshall 800 but I have no problem with this gear.

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