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Sound Quality

I spent 8 years getting to know my 101B as my only amp. To tell the truth I have really mixed feelings about the 101B. If you're looking for a hot-rodded Marshall, I really feel that the Bogner has a voicing that is more focused in the lower mids than a Marshall. Granted, it cuts out some of the harshness that you can get with a marshall, but it cuts out some of the goodies too. It's sort of a safe Marshall voicing, but it definitely has it's own personality too. I guess my bottom line is that I know when I'm happy with my guitar sound when I can plug in and play without feeling like I need to turn around and tweak the amp every 5 minutes. That's pretty much what I did with the Bogner for 8 years! I was always trying to find what the Bogner didn't have. I currently have 2 amps that I can plug into, forget about the settings, and just get lost in tone for 2 hours. One is a Splawn QuickRod, The other one, and I know I'm gonna take alot of crap for this, is a Marshall DSL100 that on it's own is allright, but front end it with a A Fulltone OCD or good overdirve, crank it loud and I'll stack it up against a Bogner anyday, and smoke it. THe Bogner was a funny animal, Just listening to it on its own, it sounds like the best amp ever made, but put it in a live playing situation, it can be mud. Brutal mud at that! My Singer is glad the Bogner is gone too, she felt like it was muddy, and totally noticed the difference the day the Splawn and Marshall arrived. I will say that I got some great Studio sounds out of the Bogner. It took treble boosters in the front end really well, and I got some amazing sounds with them. In fact, if you go to http://www.myspace.com/skoorbeedoo , the first solo clip is recorded live with the Bogner, and the 3rd and 4th songs were studio recordings where I front ended the amp with a treble booster. I don't mean to rain on the Bogner parade, they are frickin' amazing amps and I totally respect the company and what Rheinhold is doing. It's just that I want to balance out the reviews a little with the opinion that even though it's a great amp, it still just may not be the amp for you.


Amazingly well built!


General Comments

These are pricey Buggers. I'm huge into my guitar sounds, but if I Knew now what I knew then, I would've not spent this much on the Bogner. I get sounds out of cheaper amps that I'm happier with.

I used to play the Bogner and actually get bored playing through it after a few minutes. It just didn't really inspire me. The Splawn and Marshall inspire me to forget what I'm doing and play for hours.

That's just me though, I know this amp is gold for others.

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