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Sound Quality

I am using a Dubble Fat Strat with a single humbucker(the other was removed). The amp itself suits my style but only because I like to use different tone settings to achieve a great sound. If not, I would have just bought a processor and gotten any tone I wanted at the push of a button. The "NOISE" that has been referred to over and over must be a dirty pot(potentiometer)or a short. Mine has no noise except a slight hint of "white noise" when I have the level up on the overdrive channel. It doesn't bother me, however, because the older tube amps make that same noise when turned up loud as well. The clean channel has no noise until it is up at ten. Then it has plenty of noise. Actually, it is natural drive/distortion. Again, an 8.5 for this category


Dependable? Seriously, you can't be asking if the drop-itout-of-your-moving-pickup-truck surviving baseball-bat-bouncing beast is dependable! I could probably use that thing to jack up a semi with. OK, puns aside, it is the most dependable amp I have ever seen, played, read about, or heard of. The thing is, its like it was built to last through a nuke attack or something. A ten on this one!

General Comments

If it was stolen, I would be heartbroken and then buy a fender tweed.

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