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Sound Quality

I have over 15 guitars from S-S-H, S-S-S, H-S-H, H-H and H-H-H pick up configurations. The effects are still great after 13 years of gigging, recording or noodling with in the garage. Every effect still works great, some gear snobs can't get over the sounds my old war horse delivers along side my old RP-12. The effects loop on this unit has a S.Duncan Pick up Booster, Hush noise reduction unit,MXR 10 band eq and BBE Stomp Sonic for a solo boost when I play a solo.


Still dependable after 13 and half years and never needed a back !!!!

General Comments

Great unit had it for years and still delivers awesome sounds. It gives better sounds than the new units of today. I would buy another RP-1, not because it's cheap in price but gives great sounds !!!!

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