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Sound Quality

I use a Carvin X-100 amp(1986),I like all the effects in my unit.I use it right after my RP-12 in my effects/pedal board,to enhance the harmonizer in my RP-12 and it does a wonderful job.If I fatten up the chorus, the harmonizer really stands out more.But to quite things down more , I put a Hush pedal in between my RP-12 and RP-1, and it's very very quiet.I can sound like Randy Rhoades,Yngwie Malmsteen,Satriani, Pantera at the tap of my toe!


The sceen likes to go blank every once in a while but I have to give it encouragement(pow!..gently)too get it to display the letters.But my RP-1 delivers sonic delights to my ears and does a great job out on the gig.

General Comments

I play 80's shred guitar,Blues, Classic Rock(60's,70's,80's),Classical and Fusion.I've been playing 26 years and teaching for 16 years.My pedal board(in order);S.Duncan -Pick up Booster,VHT Valvulator,RP-12,Hush floor pedal,RP-1,DBX 563,Dunlop Vol-Booster,another VHT Valvulator then to my rack.It's great for my tastes, I love the effects loops, I can activate the a booster for my solos after I asighn the effects loop a midi number.

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