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Sound Quality

I was trying to achieve a gritty metal tone without the overwhelming feedback or artificial high note tones that most distortion pedals seem to give off. I tried the Boss metal zone which gave a good high range distortion but, lacked warmth and had very high frequncy resulting in making solos and lead guitar notes sound unclear. I also tried the Digitech Metal Master which was a step up from the Metal zone in terms of having a better rounded distortion that sounded as good as any unit I came across but, had a similar issue as the metal zone of giving off unclear sounds when playing lead guitar or solos. It seemed my amps distortion was clear enough to provide good lead guitar sounds however, this is a cheap Peavey Rage whos distortion lacks a powerfull enough presence that is necessary to achieve a heavy metal or Nu metal sound. therefore, It then occured to me to find a device that can boost my amps distortion and preserve its clarity which is how this GE-7 unit came into the mix. Once I got this unit and did the proper tweaking, I felt relieved that I was finally able to get the sound I wanted. I was able to achieve a high thrusting distortion with out losing my guitars tone and this result gave me the ability to sound very similar to most metal and hard rock bands such as Metallica, Black Sabbath, AC DC, Zeppelin. I'm looking forward to using the GE-7 with a higher quality amp as I'm sure it will give off a better sound then what I'm using now.


General Comments

I think the GE-7 is the answer to any sound issues a person is trying to achieve. As far as Im concerned this thing can be tweaked to achieve any type of musical style but, of course it would have to be used in conjuction with an effect feature present in a pedal or an amp. the GE-7 does whats its supposed to do which is to smooth out a tone and give a greater presence. It does take some tweaking to get a desired sound but, once that sound is obtained, then the quality of the GE-7 value is highly appreciated

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