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EMG EMG-ZW Zakk Wylde 81/85 Humbucker Set

Sound Quality

[Perceived output level] A little more than my Dimarzio X2n [Tone] Very Balanced with and very flat electronic tone [Sonic evaluation] Im using a beringer ultra 212 with a boss gt6. Little 250$ surf city les paul copy (real wood though nicer than the epi standard I let go of)It sounds pretty good but you know its all the electronics. Without pedals its not very impressive. In my iceman I have a Tone Zone / Fred combo which I have to sadly say I like slightly more. Its just like a x2n with more clarity. Im not saying its crap im just saying it sounds unnatural. They still are damn good in my set neck mohagany guitar. In my Iceman's bass wood body mellowed them out a bit. [For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable] Its good for anything if you have a plethura of pedals


General Comments

[Comments] If they were stolen id prolly go cry and then get some custom shop pups from mailbox music .com cause i am poor after buying these things. I have been playing 5 years and I own the Iceman and this guitar and about 8 sets of pups. I wish it sounded more natural without my pedal board but thats why i have my Iceman and its great dimarzios. I really like this pickup but I feel it is limited and not warm enough, Ive dicked around with just about every Eq i can and without distortion its just flat. With my gt6 these pickups are extremely versital and Im pleased. Last Piece of advice if you want just about the same output go and you are poor go with and X2N at bridge and an Evolution in the neck its pretty close in output and and a bit more wood tones. Its a keeper esp cause now im poor lol.



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