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Sound Quality

Rich and basey. It really suits me as i play a variety of styles. Even rock comes out OK on this guitar. Sounds best finger picked to some Radiohead. NOt much variety on the whole but it is versatile for for a sort of guy who busks etc. Quite quiet. The overall tone is not that of a better guitar unamped and certainly not amped, however it is a versatile instrument.


As i said i did knock off a tuning peg. It stands up to live playing well though. I would use it at a gig wiothout a backup a/e. This is my only a/e. Nothing to say really, o, accept that as mentioneed earlier the tone and volume changey knobs feel likethey might fall off.

General Comments

Not for everyone but as e/a goes this is a very well priced guitar and high quality will last a long time. Very pretty too.

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