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DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

This is just an addition to my last review: I picked up a TS-808 reissue for a hundred bucks, with the intention of replacing my Bad Monkey with the Godfather of Tubescreamers. I played with it through my practice amp for a bit, all jazzed at what it might sound on New Year's through my live rig. I immediately remembered what my original 808 sounded like when I bought it at 17 (many, many years ago). Then I decided to A/B the 808 and the Monkey. Set them up flat first. Hmmmm. Very, very close. The Monkey had a tiny bit less hair and a bit more low mids. Then I set them both up to my regular gig settings. Whoa! The Bad Monkey was actually fuller, beefier and a bit smoother. The Bass knob is a godsend, of course. I was absolutely heartsick and flabbergasted at the same time. The 40 dollar Bad Monkey, in my humble opinion (about 25 years of playing, most of that live), sounds better than the Ibanez TS-808 reissue. I play in a 3-piece band, and I need to have that extra bit of thick, full sound to fill things up a bit, and the Bad Monkey sounds great through my rig. I am, however, planning on bringing out the 808 and using it New Year's for at least two sets to give it a chance through my live rig. Man, I can only expound on my last post: the DigiTech Bad Monkey is a classic in the making.


General Comments

Has anyone else come to the same conclusions as me regarding the Bad Monkey vs. the 808 reissue? How about a Bad Monkey vs. the TS-9? I was floored, absolutely astounded to find that this little 40 dollar pedal sounded better to my ears than a $169 dollar Ibanez 808 reissue. Wow. Wow....

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