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DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

I've had this pedal almost a year, I picked one up when I realized that I'd better get one in case DigiTech decided to jack up the price. Hey, for 40 bucks, this is a mother of a deal. This is a great pedal. It sounds soooooo damn good, better than my TS-5 that it replaced. It gives me the type of classic rock overdrive that I end up using 85% of the time. Love it. This pedal is definately now a classic in it's own right.


Built as well or better than many pedals out there. You could certainly knock out a few teeth if need be with this thing.

General Comments

Can you find any other pedal at this price that sounds this damn good? Take a bow, DigiTech, this is a winner. I've been playing for almost 25 yrs, have owned tons of gear, sold way too much that would be worth bucks now, including an original TS-808 (hey, we had no idea that they would be worth so much!). My live rig consists of strats into a '65 Bandmaster through a tweed Peavey 4-10 cabinet with reissue Jensens, and the Monkey gives me that sound I loved when I was 17, playing my Super Reverb with a TS-808 in front of it. The Monkey may not be some 500 dollar boutique darling, but it will always be the workhorse of many musicians out there in the trenches. An excellent overdrive destined to be a classic.

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