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Sound Quality

The amp models,cabinets,and sounds smoke! Really pretty clean sounds at high or low volumes...with no distortion. They are really nice...good for recording.


Not a very reliable amp over time. Vibration from the amp eventually causes the electronics to act up. It can be serviced and fixed...which mine has...twice! My friend bought one and basically cut the head off of the cabinet. No vibration = no problems. Line 6 should really make all their combos like this. Detachable head units...my friend hasn't had 1 problem yet with his amp this way. A great idea!

General Comments

The silliest feature on this amp is the line out! Other than that it's a great sounding amp to have in your arsenal. The Soldono amp models are really sweet with 4x12 cab models. You can get a pretty good Van Halen or Satriani sound out of these models.

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