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Sound Quality

I basically baught this today on the advice that I read here in this board.. I run an Ibanez RG7420 -> MT-2 Metal Zone Pedal -> Fender Rock Pro 1000 head with 4x12" cab. I haven't had a chance yet to test it out on my normal setup, but just using my little Marshall Valvestate VS 15w practice amp the difference IS HUGEEE Some people have been saying that it doesn't effect the clean sound, and that it works well only when used with distortion.... it has transformed the clean sound! There is a *SLIGHT* hiss... but it's only because it is boosting the signal.... of course it's going to hiss! It is however VERY slight.. I'm not botherd by it at all...


Well, as everyone else has already stated.. It's a BOSS... The things simply DO NOT BREAK. They come with a 5 year warrantee as well. I've had a MT-2 Metal Zone for about 5 years and it has copped some MASSIVE abuse.. and still works flawlessly.

General Comments

This thing is great... everything sounded so thin and flat before... now chords seem much fuller....


I was looking at replacing the pickups in my guitar and replacing my amp... But thanks to this little box i suspect (when I finally get to give it a go in my ususal rig) that i'll really be able to get the sound im after without spending massiave amounts of cash..


Give the thing a whirl at a shop.. Go from playing with the unit off, to when it's off and it's like Night\Day..



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