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Fender Blonde Blues Junior Guitar Amp

Sound Quality

my 1990 american standard strat into this sounds great. I get better tone than the blues heroes when I play along. that was strange at first, but you have to remember the stax era recordings were basically live performances, and the amps weren't miked like they are today. distortion is perfect for blues. it also handles my distortion and overdrive pedals just fine. if I sit too close to it, the tone reminds me of my pignose.


Only had it one month. word is the tubes don't last real long, but part of the fun of a tube amp is trying different tubes ...

General Comments

Other amps: original pignose and a marshall valvestate.

Guitars: american standard strat and a gibson les paul special with p90s.

Bought this amp new after a side-by-side-by-side-by-side comparison of four blues jrs. at my local music store. Yes, all four sounded a little bit different.

I actually did not pick the model the salesman expected me to. he brought the manager over, and we all three agreed on a different one. we figured it must be my strings.

is this amp as good as a boutique all-tube? no. is it better than any solid state I've ever heard? yes.

for the price and portability, this is a good buy.

I like my marshall; I love my blues jr.

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