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Sound Quality

great for my style, blues , rock, gospel, jazz


made to be a players guitar, the guitar I bought is 15 years old and looks new, hardware, finish (except the yellowing of the laquer), strap buttons solid, I can depend on this guitar for all my needs except acoustic needs (I practice in bed with it plugged into my line6 POD 2.0)


General Comments

30 years of playing, I have owned 57 strat, 63 strat, 70 goldtop LP, 69 Black beauty LP, 72 Strat, 2000 G&L asat special, 1999 G&L legacy, 2001 G&L asat classic bluesboy, serveral other unmentionables and acoustics., I only have one electric now, G&L skyhawk 1989, no regrets, If lost I'd have to find another one, or maybe a G&L S-500?, If you can find one, get it, you won't be sorry. G&L are the damn best guitars for people who love Fenders.

Reviewer's Background

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