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Sound Quality

Still looking for the best. This is STILL at the top of my list. I have sold my JCM's, My Boogie Studio and Rectomfrier, my Rockmaster, Bogner, Gainiac, Tubeworks, Sansamp, Vox and VHT. Listen to sounds here http://www.gsp2101.noisytoyz.com 9 until I find 10??? And all that for $300 used! Note: If you plug it into crap power amps it will sound like crap. Use a good GUITAR power amp not a PA amp. For example VHT, Boogie 2:90, Carvin T100, Marshall 9200, ADA B200S,Peavey 50/50, MOSVALVE etc.


Still going strong from 1996. You can backup your sounds to the computer too.

General Comments

My group plays so many differnt cover songs that this 2101 has been indespencible by having a tone library at my feet. Any tone in seconds.


Listen to my Van Halen patch at http://www.gsp2101.noisytoyz.com

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