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Sound Quality

My main guitar is a fender stratocaster plus, to boss gt3, tubeman in the loop of gt3, to effect return of h&k tour reverb. The sound quality is great, very glassy clean sound, very nice crunch and powerful lead channel. the sound is very professional. But....to my taste the sounds is a bit thin, i use EQ from my gt3 to fatten the sound. The lead channel could be noisy, but the noise suppressor from gt3 can handle it well.


seems okay

General Comments

I play in all round band, mainly funky jazz music. have been playing guitar for about 12 years. its a recording preamp....but it also great for live performing, i use it live all the time. clear and glassy clean/overdrive sound, and powerful and nice distortion. it is an amp with very good basic tone. I love it.


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