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Sound Quality

Some little annoying noises come through on certain effects and settings, but these can be overcome by tweaking. With the ease of creating a series of effects and saving to a user bank you can get very authentic 'artist' sounds such as Dave Gilmour, Satch, Gary Moore, etc... I use the unit direct through a Mackie mixer into a pair of Mackie SRM450's. Guitars used:- Fender USA 40th Anniversary Strat fitted with EMG Dave Gilmour pick-ups, Fender '62 Jap Re-Issue, Aria Pro PE1000, Washburn SBF80, Ibanez Artist.


I am on my second SGX2000 only because I sold the first one and gave up music for a year. The SGX is very reliable and I haven't had a single problem in over 20 years. I keep saying to myself that I should get another SGX to use as a back-up seeing as the SGX is getting on in years now, but it just keeps going. It will probably outlive me.

General Comments

I have used the SGX for all styles of music including Rock, Jazz, Blues, etc... and the SGX caters for them all. I have been playing for around 26 years now, the SGX being with me for 20+ years.

I would definately try to replace it if it were lost or stolen, but you can only find these units second hand now. Why oh why did A.R.T. stop producing these great units? They were £999 new when they came out and the second hand price makes them very favourable.

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