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Dr. Z Amplification MAZ 38 Senior Head

Sound Quality

See my review of the Maz Jr. head for a description: the amp is chimey, and breaks into smooth overdrive with a some clean punch and articulation behind it. I play with lots of effects, and it digests them all well. It really does sound like a Maz Jr., but louder. One caveat: be careful with your use of the master volume. Resist the urge to dime the gain, because you won't be getting the same output stage distortion you're used to with the Jr. to mellow it out.


My Jr. has held up reasonably well (I have intermittant problems with an input jack, but nothing major.) The Sr. seems very well constructed.

General Comments

I would have happily played my Maz Jr. forever, but when my band added a second guitarist, I found that even my clean tones were pretty raunchy (yet plenty loud). Now that I have the Sr., I don't play any louder than I did before, but I can turn the Fulldrive off and get some clean.

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