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Rocktron VooDu Valve On-Line Guitar Multi Effects Processor

Sound Quality

I was really blown away! This unit sounds great! I've sold my Roadking & my Prophecy. This unit sounds way better than anything I've pluged into. The factory presets are over saturated with effects, but you can turn them down or off. The distortion and sustain are GREAT! Very warm sounding. Some people say it sounds little thin. I use BBE 482 sonic max and run through a Carvin 100w all tube power amp into Legacy 4x12 cab. and it will rip your head off. Plenty of punch even with my Fender strat. I love my new tone and I'm pretty happy after 20 years of playing through lots of gear! This unit is much better sounding than the Prophecy especially for metal or rock. Go out and pick one up.....DONT forget the BBE 482!


NO PROBLEMS......yet

General Comments

I play rock and metal and this thing does it VERY well. I also play more softer stuff to. The clean patches work very well and very quit.

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